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Japan Imports is finnish company.
We mainly deal with used JDM cars,
engine and performance parts from Japan.

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Thinking BOVs? Think Turbosmart!
Performance, reliability and high quality of manufacture sets Turbosmart BOVs apart from the rest. Made from tough and durable billet aluminium and including many innovative features like the billet V-band clamp for fast and reliable installation! Turbosmart BOVs have big flow capabilities while being small in size and light in weight!

Turbosmart BOVs are designed to reduce turbo spool-up time from idle and reduce turbo lag between gears for even greater performance from your turbocharged vehicle – at the same time they are a must have for vehicles running increased boost levels over standard as the factory valve is designed to leak boost!

Turbosmart’s Universal Fit BOVs have been developed to fit most popular makes and models and all feature comprehensive range of adapters.

Turbosmart's unique V-Band System allows quick and reliable fitting and removal of valves, and is a feature present on all Turbosmart universal-fit blow-off and bypass valves.


Hinta: 195€


Part Numbers:
BLUE: TS-0205-1130
BLACK: TS-0205-1131

DESCRIPTION: A full atmospheric BOV. Features a variable exhaust port system providing superior venting of excess pressure. Quick-Release V-Band system makes installation and removal easy and keen pricing makes this one of the most popular BOVs worldwide.

APPLICATION: Simple and effective. Small footprint makes it an ideal choice for larger capacity, space-restricted engines. Preferred choice of drifting and circuit enthusiasts.

SUPPLIED WITH: Aluminium flange, V-Band, Swivel Nipple.


Hinta: 295€


Part Numbers:
BLUE: TS-0205-1300
BLACK: TS-0205-1301

DESCRIPTION: A full atmospheric BOV for racers and serious enthusiasts who want to be noticed. Supersonic provides a superior flow performance with the famous “supersonic” sound. Featuring a tool-free adjustment via a rotating cap and a positive-seal piston this is Turbosmart loudest BOV.

APPLICATION: Suitable for all turbocharged vehicles. Extremely popular with racers and show-car buliders world-wide.

SUPPLIED WITH: Quick-Release, V-Band clamp and weld flange


Hinta: 275€


Part Numbers:
BLUE: 32mm outlet: TS-0205-1061, 38mm outlet: TS-0205-1071
BLACK: 32mm outlet: TS-0205-1062, 38mm outlet: TS-0205-1072

DESCRIPTION: Four BOVs in one. The Dual Port can be configured as a Supersonic, Megasonic, Plumb Back or Dual Port! Features sequential ports for quiet operation on mild boost and full performance at full boost. With a a Quick-release V-Band clamp, tool-free adjustment and all the parts needed for conversions included it is Turbosmart's most versatile BOV.

APPLICATION: Suits medium sized turbocharger systems on 4 to 6 cylinder engines developing 200 to 600 HP.

SUPPLIED WITH Blanking Plug, Extra Trumpet, V-band clamp, 38mm aluminium weld-on inlet adapter


Hinta: 340€


Part Numbers:
BLUE: TS-0204-1101
BLACK: TS-0204-1102

DESCRIPTION: The largest and the highest-flowing BOV in the Turbosmart range features an oversized inlet port and a quick-release V-Band clamp. Provides greater performance through faster turbo spool-up from idle and reduced turbo lag between gears.

APPLICATION: Large capacity turbocharger systems and high horsepower engines. Ideal for circuit and drag vehicles and trucks

SUPPLIED WITH: Quick-release V-Band Clamp, Aluminium Weld Flange, Swivel Nipple.

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