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Who is Turbosmart?

Turbosmart is the world’s leading manufacturer of turbo accessories.

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1997, with a range of just two products, Turbosmart quickly gained a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

To cater for the growing demand, the Turbosmart range has increased more than tenfold as did the distribution and dealer network. Today, Turbosmart products are distributed in over 50 countries around the world and can be found in many world-record breaking vehicles in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Puerto Rico to name a few.

An ever-increasing number of racing teams and tuning houses around the world use and recommend Turbosmart products. Their achievements on the track and at street events are a testimony to Turbosmart’s design, manufacturing and testing principles. The feedback received from the racers and tuners alike contributes to the on-going development of Turbosmart products, reinforcing the philosophy of continual improvement.

No matter what the application, be it drag or circuit racing, rally, off-road, speed boating or street tuning, the DNA of reliability, innovation and performance is apparent in every Turbosmart product.

Turbosmart’s unique brand of success is a result of a tried and proven formula of exhaustive research, thorough development and continuous refinement. Before reaching the consumer, Turbosmart products are tested and proven on a number of race vehicles under the most demanding conditions.

More hand-crafted than mass-produced, Turbosmart products are treated with an exceptional care and attention to detail in an endless pursuit of excellence.

Through the passionate and tireless efforts of its dedicated team of engineers, machinists, assembly workers, quality controllers and field testers, Turbosmart products are always on the forefront of the market, bristling with new technology and revolutionary concepts.

Turbosmart products have received praises from international motoring press and collected awards at various automotive shows. The e-Boost family electronic boost controllers was awarded the Best Performance Product Runner-up at the 2003 SEMA show and the Auto Salon Magazine’s Product of the Year 2006. The Fuel Pressure Regulators picked up the International Press Award at the 2005 SEMA show. The same award was also given to the new Ultra-Gate38 at the 2007 SEMA show.

In June 2007 Turbosmart has turned another page in its expansion into the international scene with the successful opening of Turbosmart USA – a subsidiary of Turbosmart Pty Ltd, catering specifically to the North American market. In 2009 Turbosmart USA has moved into newer and larger warehouse providing even better service and quick dispatch times to all North American customers.

In 2008 Turbosmart has launched its Engineering Services Program. Available to race teams and workshops, the program offers Turbosmart’s engineering and machining services at competitive prices. With Turbosmart’s extensive experience in the automotive industry and state-of-the-art equipment the Engineering Services Program offers services including reverse engineering, advanced drafting and Cam System.

Turbosmart’s success on drag, circuit and rally tracks has benefited its street-tuning range of products. The lessons learnt while designing and manufacturing parts to handle extreme horsepower, torque and speed requirements have translated to street technology that is not only functional and reliable but also extremely durable and versatile.

It’s this technology, together with the total commitment to quality, performance and customer service, that sets Turbosmart apart from other brands.

Behind every Turbosmart product stands a long and rich racing history. While a majority of Turbosmart products are used on street cars, their design and testing procedure is identical to the high-end purpose-made racing products.

Before reaching the consumer, Turbosmart products are subjected to a range of tests performed in the most demanding environment – the race track.

Since its inception, Turbosmart has been involved in various forms of motorsport. Through sponsorship programs, we have been able to secure R&D access to many top-ranking vehicles. Our testing philosphy is simple; the product must satisfy all performance and reliability requirements under competitive racing conditions before it is it deemed fit for the general enthusiast usage. While some might think of it as an “overkill” we call it “safeguarding” both our customers, and our reputation.

The lessons learnt while designing and manufacturing parts to handle extreme horsepower, torque and speed requirements translate to street technology that is not only functional and reliable but also extremely durable and versatile.

Each product in our range is continuously developed and improved. The feedback we receive from the racers, testers and everyday users contributes to better performing, more reliable final products that are always at the forefront of the technology and always in demand. Products that not only perform beyond the expectation but are backed by customer service that’s second to none.

This “Top-Down” approach has resulted in products that are respected at both ends of the spectrum, from the motorsport fraternity right down to the street enthusiast. This reputation for performance and reliability is evident with every box stamped with the “Turbosmart” logo.

Why do we go to so much effort? Again, the answer is simple; so that all our customers, dealers and distributors have the same confidence in our products as we do. But don’t take our word for it, next time you’re at a race track, look under the hoods of the top performing cars, chances are you’ll find that familiar Turbosmart logo on many of the components.

That’s why when top racers think “performance”, they think of Turbosmart.

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