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TEIN High Performance Suspension

TEINs approach to the Ultimate Sports Suspension TEIN offers ideal suspension systems for drivers who want quicker and better response to drive freely through turns and who are in pursuit of ultimate driving experience. It gives your vehicle the road holding which allows you to drive as you always imagined. It is an aggressive suspension which lets you put all you have into driving, and allows you look forward to attacking the next unknown turn. TEIN suspensions maintain their superior performance, and are highly durable. Quality of our products can withstand the high demands of the race track. This is what we see as the ideal sports suspension. Each of TEINs products brings this ideal to reality.

TEINs superior Quality : Bringing Competition Specification to the Streets
Our foundation of suspension manufacturing lies on motorsports. We believe that the field of motorsports where each milli - second weighs heavily, is indispensable as a place to improve our suspension engineering technology. The World Rally Championships, where the potential is tested on all types of surfaces and the N1 race where production basis cars race head to head for the 1/1000 second lead is where TEIN participates in the motorsports scene as part of the development process. The information gathered from motorsport is fed back to all of our products so that our customers can enjoy this high performance on the streets. Some may think that this level of performance is too much for the streets. However, we aim to give an answer to these aggressive drivers who are not satisfied with other suspension kits.
TEINs superior performance is born in pure motorsports specifications.

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