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Japan Imports is finnish company.
We mainly deal with used JDM cars,
engine and performance parts from Japan.

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ACL Race Series
Head gaskets and Engine gasket sets
These gaskets comprise three layers of stainless steel riveted together. While the centre layer comprises uncoated stainless steel, the outer layers are coated with a Viton® rubber compound which takes up minor irregularities in the surfaces and allows for minor lateral movement between the head and block. The Viton® coating is heat resistant to 250°C (482°F). The outer layers are also embossed around the bores and other apertures to provide areas of high load concentration for sealing. Suitable for use in forced induction engines (i.e. supercharged or turbocharged) and sealing under harsh conditions ACL Race Series Proseal ® Gaskets offer the following benefits: Excellent sealing when the clamping pressure fluctuates due to combustion pressures Strength & hardness Resistance to corrosion at very high temperatures Resistance to relaxation in the embossed regions No re-torque necessary

ACL Race Series Proseal® multilayer steelhaedgaskets available also at engine gasket sets

Aplication Guide ACL RACE SERIES

Straght from our stock:

Head gasket PRO SEAL:
HG2204GTR           MITSUBISHI 4G63 16V PROSEAL MLS Evo4-6            175€
HG2203GTR           MITSUBISHI 4G63 16V PROSEAL MLS VR4-Evo3          175€    
HG2100GTR           NISSAN  VG30DETT 3LT V6 300ZX PROSEAL MLS         165€
HG2018GTR           NISSAN CA18DET PROSEAL MLS                        195€
HG2019GTR           NISSAN RB20DET DOHC 24V TURBO                     295€
HG2025GTR           NISSAN RB25DET PROSEAL MLS                        295€
HG2026GTR           NISSAN RB26DETT PROSEAL MLS                       295€
HG2030GTR           NISSAN RB30DET PROSEAL MLS                        295€
HG2021GTR           NISSAN SR20DE/DET PROSEAL MLS (S13/S14)           175€
HG2120GTR           SUBARU EJ20GN DOHC 16V EJ20 PROSEAL MLS            98€/kpl
HG2112GTR           SUBARU EJ257 PROSEAL MLS                           98€/kpl
HG2300GTR           TOYOTA 2JZ-GE, 2JZ-GTE                            305€
HG4314GTR           TOYOTA 3SGTE CELICA  (ST165/ST185)                175€

Engine gasket set PRO SEAL (Includes Pro Seal head gasket):
FS2204GTR           MITSUBISHI 4G63 16V  Evo4-6                       395€
FS2203GTR           MITSUBISHI 4G63 16V Galant VR4                    279€   
FS2100GTR           NISSAN VG30DETT 3LT V6 300ZX PROSEAL MLS          495€
FS2018GTR           NISSAN CA18DET PROSEAL MLS                        379€
FS2025GTR           NISSAN RB25DET PROSEAL MLS                        549€
FS2026GTR           NISSAN RB26DETT PROSEAL MLS                       549€   
FS2030GTR           NISSAN RB30DET PROSEAL MLS                        419€
FS2020GTR           NISSAN SR20DE/DET PROSEAL MLS (S13)               359€
FS2021GTR           NISSAN SR20DE/DET PROSEAL MLS (S14)               359€
FS2022GTR           NISSAN SR20DET PROSEAL MLS(GTI-R RNN14)           359€
FS2120GTR           SUBARU EJ20GN DOHC 16V EJ20 PROSEAL MLS           449€
FS2300GTR           TOYOTA 2JZ-GE, 2JZ-GTE   (3LITRE)                 589€
FS4314GTR           TOYOTA 3SGTE CELICA & MR2 (ST165)                 439€
FS4315GTR           TOYOTA 3SGTE MR2-CELICA (ST185)                   469€

Stock enngine gasket sets : 
ACL monotorque  engine gasket set Toyota 4AGE                         139€

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